There are many different types of government jobs on the Federal, State, County and City levels. These jobs can range from administrative to janitorial positions.

Here are some tips for finding government jobs.

Many people that desire a government position often do not know where to begin looking for government job listings.

Government jobs listings are often not moterway police jobs located in the same places that jobs in the private sector are listed.

You can find the listings for government positions on websites maintained by the government.

Another obstacle to locating a position in the government is finding a position that you are qualified for.

A government job listing will give you a lot of information on the position.

Some of the items in the job listing are: who can apply for the position; the time period for applications; pay range; basic qualifications; required skills or knowledge and how to apply.

How ToApply

As indicated most government job listings are going to give you specific instructions on how to apply for the position as well as the time period for accepting applications or resumes.

Most positions require you to provide KSAs in a written format that can be scanned along with your application and resume.

Interviewing for a government position is very much the same as interviewing in the private sector. The difference is that most managers have more rigid guidelines to follow.

After the interview you should be sure to follow-up with a thank you to the person that conducted your interview. This is a great time to address any information that you want to direct their attention to.

If you were lucky enough to get a job offer remember that government positions have strict guidelines for salary and benefits.

You will have little room for negotiation.

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